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Rules to play Racquetball
Racquetball is a racquet sport played with a hollow rubber ball in an indoor or outdoor.
1. Prepare your body
As with any sport or serious physical activity, you will want to prepare your body to ensure it will be at peak performance. This will help you play better but also keep you from injury or illness.Stretch and warm up. This will loosen your muscles and reduce the risk of injury. It will also help your coordination once the game has started.Eat well and hydrate. Eating healthy foods will give you the energy for playing and hydration is key to peak physical performance. Continue to hydrate during the game and be sure you are taking in electrolytes.
2. Understand the objective and rules
Understand and be sure the other players understand the objective of the game before playing. A poor understanding of the game will slow down gameplay and lead to tension and arguments between players.Read the official rules of the game and watch videos of others playing. This is a great way to thoroughly understand the game before you play.
3. Practice
You can practice on your own before playing with others. This will help you to play your best when its time for a game. You can practice at home if you have a large enough area and a very solid wall or you can practice at a gym or community center.Coaches and classes are often available at gyms and community centers as well, if you want to improve your game even further before playing with others.
4. Gather equipment
You will need particular equipment to play racquetball properly. Equipment can be purchased at sports stores, rented, or borrowed from a gym or community center. Be sure that your equipment is in good condition and appropriate for the sport.A racquet. You will need a racquetball racquet. This is a slightly different shape than a tennis racquet, so be sure to pay attention. These cost anywhere between $20 $200, depending on personal preference.Ball. Racquetballs are made specifically for the sport of racquetball. Balls come in a variety of colors and are made of hollowed rubber. The standard size is 2.25 in diameter. The most common brand is Penn.Glove. Gloves are extremely important for playing racquetball. They ensure a solid grip and prevent slippage. Wear a glove on any hand you intend to hold your racquet in.Eyewear. Wear proper protective eyewear. The ball will be moving very fast and you want to be properly protected if you are hit in the face, as being hit can cause permanent eye damage. Eyewear is required in competitions.Shoes. You will want to wear appropriate shoes. Any athletic or tennis shoe should be fine. Ensure that the shoes fit well and you can move easily. Shoes which cause blisters and sores should not be worn.
5. Find a court
You will need an appropriate place to play a match. The easiest place to find a racquetball court will be at a gym or community center. Local universities may also have appropriate facilities, as well as clubs specifically for racquetball. Find a local racquetball association to get more information about the facilities available in your area, as well as events in which you can participate.

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