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Rules to play Roller Skating
Roller skating is the traveling on surfaces with roller skates.
1. The Game
The game consists of two halves, each half has four alternating 10 minute periods of women and men.
2. The Team
A TEAM is composed of five men and five women. Only five members of each team can be on the track at one time.
3. The Game Starts
The GAME STARTS when the referee signals by blowing his whistle that the two teams are equally in position. This group is called the pack. In this pack are two BLOCKERS (white helmets) and two JAMMERS (striped helmets) and a PIVOT man (black helmet).A JAM (scoring play) occurs when one or more jammers have pulled away from the pack. The jammers have 60 seconds to score. A jammer must wear a striped helmet. The blocker, who cannot score, wears a solid colored helmet. The pivot man can jam as long as he isnt the first jammer out of the pack.
4. Starting A Jam
A jam can start
when the referee has signaled that both teams are in the pack.
when the pivot man of each team is evenly together at the front of the pack.
when all jammers are at the rear of the pack.
when a pivot man from each team is on the pack the pivot skater cannot be more than 20 feet in front of the pack
when the jam starts.
The clock and the jam actually start when one of the jammers has been able to pass the leading opposing blockers in the pack.
Helmets must be worn by the jammers to score, unless through some involuntary action the helmet is knocked off, then the referee has the right to decide on this point.
5. Concluding A Jam
A jam will be considered at an end for any of the following reasons
the expiration of the 60 second time limit
at the conclusion of each 10 minute skating period
when the lead jammer places both hands on his or her hips a jam may also be called by the officials for any emergency.
A jammer receives one point for every member of the opposing team he or she passes, every time he or she laps the field within 60 seconds.

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