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Rules to play Roller Soccer
Roller soccer or roller football is a version of association football played on roller skates.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Extra time
If the scores are level after normal and injury time then an extra period of 2 x 5 minutes, known as extra time, will commence. There is no silver or golden goal rule. If the scores are still level after extra time then each team takes 4 alternating penalties, followed by sudden death the first team to miss in each round of kicks goes out. All skaters in the squad may take part in penalties and each skater must take one penalty each before any skater takes their second kick. Note that for penalties at the end of matches play does not continue no shots from rebounds

Safety concerns
Start of play
The skaters
Skaters equipment
Pitch dimensions
Fouls and misconduct
Penalty kick
Free kicks
Extra time
The goal kick
Duration of the game
Passing the Star
Determination of position
The throw in
Ball in and out of play

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