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Rules to play Roller Soccer
Roller soccer or roller football is a version of association football played on roller skates.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Play begins by blockers lining up on the track anywhere between the rear line the jammer line and the front pivot line. The jammers start behind the jammer line, a second starting line 30 feet behind the pivot line. Jams begin on a single short whistle blast where both jammers and blockers may begin engaging immediately.

The pack is the largest single group of blockers containing members of both teams skating in proximity, arranged such that each are within 10 feet of the next.While blockers are required to maintain the pack, they are permitted to skate freely within the area of the track beginning 20 feet behind the pack and ending 20 feet ahead of it, an area known as the engagement zone.The first jammer to exit the front of the pack, having legally passed all blockers at least once, earns the status of lead jammer.Once earned, lead jammer status cannot be transferred to other skaters, but certain actions notably, being sent to the penalty box can cause it to be lost. After the initial pass through the pack, each jammer scores a point every time they lap any member of the opposing team.

The lead jammer can stop the jam at any time by repeatedly placing both hands on their hips.If the jam is not stopped early, it ends after 2 minutes.If time remains in the period, teams then have 30 seconds to get on the track and line up for the next jam.Team members typically rotate between jams from the 14 players on the teams roster. Designations may change between jams a pivot in one jam might be the jammer in a later jam.

Fouls and misconduct
Pitch dimensions
The goal kick
The throw in
The skaters
Duration of the game
Ball in and out of play
Penalty kick
The ball
The corner kick
Free kicks
Skaters equipment
Extra time
Division levels

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