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Rules to play Roller Soccer
Roller soccer or roller football is a version of association football played on roller skates.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
The throw in
No throw ins. Restarts will be a direct free kick.When the ball is touched by any playercoach as it travels on top of the barricade in the team areas, goes over the barricade, lands in the netting andor travels along the top of the barricade where the netting is attached to the barricade between the home teams corner mark and the visiting teams corner mark, play is stopped, and the team opposing the one that most recently touched the ball is awarded a direct free kickrestart one yard from the barricade nearest the point where the ball left the field of play

The throw in
The goal kick
Start of play
Fouls and misconduct
Determination of position
Free kicks
Ball in and out of play
The skaters
Safety concerns
Passing the Star
The corner kick
The ball
Pitch dimensions
Extra time
Duration of the game
Skaters equipment

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