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Rules to play Rubiks Cube
Rubik's Cube is a 3-D combination puzzle,Originally called the Magic Cube.
1. Learn how the cube works
Pay attention to the mechanism of the puzzle. You can even take it apart if you like just turn a face about 45 degrees and pop out the edge piece (the one with two stickers) with a screwdriver. Just remember to put it back in its solved state, or otherwise theres a 1112 chance that its unsolvable.
2. Try to solve small parts of the cube
Trying to solve for example a single layer or to construct a little 2 by 2 by 2 cube is great workout for the brain. And its fun.
3. Think of a logical order of solving the pieces
Think about different orders the obvious face by face approach isnt actually at all smart. Divide your solution in numerous steps, as ten little problems are easier than a single difficult one.
4. Try to execute your plan
The first stages might be easy after a bit of practice. Remember to write down notes about your findings, such as the effects of a certain sequence of moves. Illustrations are rather useful. You might want to invent a notation to write down move sequences. This proves decisive especially in the last parts, as its often necessary to back up a few moves.
5. Optimize your system
After having solved the cube which might have taken a good few months you can still continue finding new challenges. Try figuring out more move sequences and alter the steps of your method. With a lot of work you might even be able to solve the puzzle in less than 100 turns every time.

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