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Rules to play Sailing Sport
Sailing refers to using sailboats for sporting purposes. It can be recreational or competitive.
1. Sailing
Sailing refers to using sailboats for sporting purposes. It can be recreational or competitive.Sailing is the main variety of yachting, and competitive sailing the main variety of yacht racing. A sailing competition is known as a regatta, usually consists of multiple individual races, where the boat that performs best in each race is the overall winner. There is a broad variety of kinds of races and sailboats used for racing from large yacht to dinghy racing. Much racing is done around buoys or similar marks in protected waters, while some longer offshore races cross open water. All kinds of boats are used for racing, including small dinghies, catamarans, boats designed primarily for cruising, and purpose built raceboats. The Racing Rules of Sailing govern the conduct of yacht racing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, model boat racing, dinghy racing and virtually any other form of racing around a course with more than one vessel while powered by the wind.
2. Fleet racing
Fleet races can have anywhere from four boats to hundreds of boats in a race. A regatta must have at least three races to be counted. Each boats place in each race is added to compile a final score. The lowest scorer wins.
3. Match racing
In match racing only two boats compete against each other. The best known competition of this type is the Americas Cup. The tactics involved in match racing are different from those of other races, because the objective is merely to arrive at the finish line before the opponent, which is not necessarily as fast as possible. The tactics involved at the start are also special.
4. Team racing
Team racing is most often between two teams of three boats each. It involves similar technique to match racing but has the added dimension that it is the overall scoring of the race that matters. In three on three team racing, this means that the team that scores ten or less points wins. For this reason, many tactics are used to advance teammates to make stable combinations for winning. The stable combinations most commonly sought are Play one, which is 1 2 anything, Play twoor2 3 4, and Play 4, a 1 4 5 combination. These are generally regarded as the best setups to win and the hardest for the opposing team to play offense against.
5. Short course racing
Harbor or buoy races are conducted in protected waters, and are quite short, usually taking anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. All sorts of sailing craft are used for these races, including keel boats of all sizes, as well as dinghies, trailer sailors, catamarans, skiffs, sailboards, and other small craft.

This kind of race is most commonly run over one or more laps of a triangular course marked by a number of buoys. The course starts from an imaginary line drawn from a committee boat to the designated starting buoy or pin. A number of warning signals are given telling the crews exactly how long until the race starts. The aim of each crew is to cross the start line at full speed exactly as the race starts. A course generally involves tacking upwind to a windward marker or buoy. Then bearing away onto a downwind leg to a second jibe marker. Next another jibe on a second downwind leg to the last mark which is called the downwind mark or leeward mark. At this mark the boats turn into wind once again to tack to the finish line.

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