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Rules to play Snow Tubing
Snow tubing is just like sledding, but without having to haul the sled back up the hill.
1. The Origins of Snow Tubing
Snow tubing is rumored to have originated back in the 1820s in the Alpine Mountains. And what do you think made the people of the 1820s want to slide down a slope covered in snow? Its fun. And it still is because the basics of this winter activity are why it remains such a great winter activity for all to this day. That being family friendly fun in the mountains. And Keystone Resorts Snow Tubing at Adventure Point has all three.
2. Snow Tubing Improved
Perched at the top of Keystone Resort is Adventure Point, a massive tubing hill that is designed to be fun for all ages. Its just like when you were a kid, only a much bigger hill with its own tubing lift, which you can enjoy both during the day and under the lights at night. With a unique state of the art conveyor lift, the amount of rides is up to you. So if you want to get the most of your time there, pack a lunch and bring all of your friends so you can tube the whole day.
3. Dressing For Fun and Function
Now that weve covered the finer details, lets talk about attire. Like spending any afternoon outside on the slopes, it is important to protect yourself from the elements. At the most basic level were talking boots, snow pants, snow jacket, and a beanie. If you want to play it safe, bring all of the above plus some warm socks, a solid base layer, and some goggles to protect your eyes. If you come prepared, you are setting yourself up for a really great day of Snow Tubing at Adventure Point.
4. See You At the Top
Come experience Snow Tubing at Adventure Point at the top of Keystone Resort where you can slip and slide down our tubing lanes with friends and family. Get ready to laugh until it hurts in this must do experience for all ages. Reservations required.
5. Baby It s Cold Outside
When you re a kid, are there any two sweeter words in the English language than snow day pizza time and sleepover party notwithstanding? Children are right to be psyched: The hit of sunlight reflecting off the snow can boost their vitamin D levels, and research suggests that playing outdoors in nature may ease symptoms of ADHD. Plus, that snowman isn t going to build himself. Let them have their day in the snow safely with these mom tested tips.

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