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Rules to play Tee Ball
Rules to play Tee Ball
1. Tee ball
Tee ball is a team sport based on and simplifying baseball and softball. It is intended as an introduction for children aged 4 to 8 to develop ball game skills and have fun.

The principal difference between tee ball and its adult counterparts is that the child usually hits the ball off of a stationary tee; the ball is generally not pitched. Thus, tee ball allows a young child to learn the skills of batting, catching, running the bases, and throwing, while making it both easier to hit the ball and less likely for batters to be injured since they do not need to dodge wayward pitches the ball is also softer.

Despite the implication of some of the spellings of the games name, the tee used in tee ball is not T shaped, but simply an upright, flexible shaft on a movable base. The capitalized, spaced apart name Tee Ball is a registered trademark in the US, by a church affiliated Florida league, as is the abbreviated T Ball, by a national, non profit, secular league.

2. Team Size
Six 6 players a side possibly 5 or 7.If there are five 5 players the coach acts as the catcher. As skill level is developed team sizes can be increased to nine 9 players
3. Batting
The ball is not pitched in Aussie T Ball instead it is batted from a tee. A hitter may have as many swings as they require in hitting the ball into fair territory. A player is out when A batted ball is caught on the full. A player in possession of the ball stands on the base before the runner arrives. A runner between bases is tagged by a fielder with the glove or hand which is holding the ball. An inning is completed when every player on the batting team has completed a turn at bat. Each inning the lead off hitter becomes the sixth hitter in the next inning and subsequent hitters will move up one spot in the line up so that every hitter has the chance to lead off an inning.
4. Fielding
All fielders rotate fielding positions each innings in the following manner
Pitcher becomes catcher
catcher becomes 1st base
1st base becomes 2nd base
2nd base becomes 3rd base
3rd base becomes shortstop
Shortstop becomes pitcher
5. Base Running
So that fielders are encouraged to throw, runners may advance no further than the base they were heading to when the first throw is made.Once a runner turns back toward a previous base they are entitled to that base only.

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