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Rules to play Trampoline
Have fun jumping on a trampoline in one of these online trampoline games.
1. Trampoline
consists of a metal frame supporting the spring bed that the gymnasts bounce off to perform their routines. The trampoline is 5.05 metres long, 2.91m wide and 1.155m high. The bed is made from nylon or string material and is only about six millimetres thick.
2. Before Jumping
The American Association of Pediatrics AAP discourages recreational trampoline use and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons AAOS recommends limited use of trampolines and even advises against use of trampolines in children under 6. Not only can children break bones, but if your trampoline injures another child you could face liability issues.Whether buying a trampoline of your own or enjoying a friends trampoline, you should pay attention to a few key features before jumping or allowing your children to jump.
3. Check the springs
Make sure all springs are securely attached to the trampolines. Loose springs cause the way the trampoline moves and could cause a child to fall off the trampoline if they come unattached while in use. Missing springs could also cause the jump mat to tear.
4. Look at the mat
Double check the mat to make sure its free of holes and tears. While duct tape may cover up a problem, it wont change the way a trampoline responds when it is torn. It loses a bit of its spring and could cause a harder landing, leading to more problems.
5. Make sure its level
A trampoline on unleveled ground can cause problems for jumpers and make it easier for them to fall off or land awkwardly as they jump.

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