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Rules to play Weight Training
It is a common type of strength training for developing the strength and size of skeletal muscles.
1. Approach different lifts differently
Some lifts are better to approach aggressively, and some and better to approach less so. I find I lift best when I go at squats aggressively and deadlifts with a calmer and more focused mind set. Find what works for you with each lift.
2. Way to improve on it
To me this is like the do you play sports to get fit, or get fit to play sports? question. If you use strength work as part of a broad spectrum of fitness, then youre probably okay just training the main lifts. But if the main lifts are your focus, then you need to spend time finding ways to improve these other than pummelling yourself into the ground with the full lifts themselves.
3. Twenty rep squats get you strong
It doesnt need to be complicated. Do them once a week, and add 5kg the next week. Repeat.
4. Warming up is important
Although you might be able to do the work without warming up, this will catch up with you.
5. Footwork is key
Analyze your footwork, and if you find you could be pulling, jumping, landing, or squatting from a better position, then make the adjustment. It can be hard to get your body to make this change, especially in the Olympic lifts where you are dynamically changing from position to position. I have found a good way to reset your footwork pattern is to strip it down to the bare essentials and do footwork drills without the bar. Include these in your warm up every day. Add complexity and speed as you improve to build it back into your lifts.

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