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Rules to play Weight Training
It is a common type of strength training for developing the strength and size of skeletal muscles.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Fight becoming overweight
Golf is the game for a lifetime, but that lifetime will be shorter if youre overweight. And while youre at it, encourage a young person to lose weight. Every week, I make a point of finding an overweight youngster in the gallery and taking his father aside. I tell these fellows, privately and very politely, My son is a diabetic, and my father was a diabetic. When you get diabetes, you take insulin twice a day, and that doesnt stop it from affecting your eyes, your liver, your limbs and everything else. Please get your son on a good diet now. I think theyre usually grateful.

Fight becoming overweight
Get energy from younger people
The weights
Footwork is key
On the heels doesnt mean on the heels
Eat super foods
Way to improve on it
Save 1rms for competition
Competition iron plates
Bumper plates
One full rest day a week is important
Approach different lifts differently
The lifts
Build functional strength
Do something fun after competition day
Deadlifting frequently isnt a bad thing
Absolute or Maximal Strength

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