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Rules to play Wheelchair Basketball
Wheelchair basketball is basketball played by people in wheelchairs and is considered one of the maj. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Engineering concepts for basketball wheelchairs
Center of gravity is where the chair and the athletes mass are equally distributed in all directions. Points at which the wheelchair can tip over sideways are the fulcrum. A wheelchair with a higher seat is easier to tip. Sports wheelchairs have lower seats and wheels that are angled outward so that the center of gravity has to move a greater distance before it passes over the fulcrum and tips the chair. Basketball wheelchairs are classified in two groups based on position. There are chairs for forwards and centers and there are chairs for guards. Forwards and centers are typically under the net. Their chairs have higher seats and therefore less mobility. However these athletes need to be able to reach for the ball such as for rebounds. Guards have lower seats and therefore greater mobility for ball handling and getting down the court as quickly as possible.

Captain Duties and powers
Basketball world championship
1970s to the present
Engineering concepts for basketball wheelchairs
Team bench areas
1940s to 1960s
Player classification
Loss of the ball
Team balance
Out of bounds
Location of a player and an official
Coaches Duties and powers

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