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Rules to play Wheelchair Tennis
Rules to play Wheelchair Tennis. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
The hub
Moving around the court involves three basic stages react, negotiate and recover with a point in the court called the hub key to mastering the game. The hub is typically five feet behind the base line and is the point the player uses to react and recover after each stroke. For wheelchair users, thats the effective way to play, behind the base line, because then you can come in for shots or go wide for a second bounce, said Smith. If you stay at the net, you wont be able to return long shots.

Smith said wheelchair users new to the game need to understand the importance of the hub and how to move into and out of it.As a player, after coming in for the shot, you then recover quickly and get back to the hub, she said. You are always going back and forth. Its all about quick movement.

Players start out at the hub and react and move toward the ball. The player negotiates the stroke hits the ball, and then recovers toward the hub by turning his chair toward the middle of the court at an angle to provide a clear view of the opponent. Just before the opponent is about to hit the ball, the player turns into the court, ready to react to the next ball.

Toilet breaks
The service
Mobility cycle
Wheelchair Able bodied Tennis
Quad heat rule
Preparation of Equipment
The wheelchair
The hub
Chair umpire
The two bounce rule
Competitive Handcycles
Quad rackets
Injury level
Technical considerations
Sports chairs
The Ball in Play
Player loses point

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