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Rules to play Windsurfing
Rules to play Windsurfing. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Knowing your kit
starting the daggerboard
foot straps and a deck
Basics of Starting
clamber onto the board
Raise to your feet at a slow pace
hand like hauling in a rope
hands and let it swing
Practice steering
Start moving
let it out to slow down
Step around the mast
Makani Kai Kiteboarding
Airborne Kitesurfing
Ian Young
Leeward over windward
Starboard tack over port tack
Responsibility to maintain direction
Check the equipment
Tell someone
What to do in case of emergency
Beginner Windsurfing Lessons
Windsurfing Wave Sailing
Windsurfing Vacations
Professional Windsurfers
Windsurf Slalom racing

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