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Rules to play Windsurfing
Rules to play Windsurfing. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Starboard tack over port tack
But who has right of way if two surfers are heading towards each other from different directions and their ways cross? Here the second rule starboard tack over port tack applies. If a surfer is coming towards you, the one whose sail, from his or her own point of view, is on the left side of the board starboard tack, has right of way.

In the graphics on the right, surfer 2 is going landwards on a freeing wind course with sideshore wind. From his point of view, he has his sail on the right side of his board, on a port tack course. Because of that, surfer 1 steering seawards with his sail on the left side of his board from his perspective, sailing on a starboard tack course, has right of way. The following is easy to remember while sailing when your right hand is closer to the mast than your left hand, you have right of way.

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