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The Pool
Pool, also more formally known as pocket billiards or pool billiards , is the family of cue sports .. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Pool Game types
There are hundreds of pool games. Some of the more well known include eight ball, nine ball, ten ball, straight pool, one pocket and bank pool.
There are also hybrid games combining aspects of both pool and carom billiards, such as American four ball billiards, cowboy pool and bottle pool.

  • 1 Eight ball
  • 2 Nine ball
  • 3 Three ball
  • 4 One pocket
  • 5 Bank pool

  • Balls Settling
    Restoring a Position
    Fouls of Pool
    Lagging to Determine Order of Play
    General Rules
    Standard Call Shot
    Outside Interference
    Players Responsibility
    Pocketing the 8 ball
    Prompting Calls and Protesting Rulings
    Players Use of Equipment
    Eight ball
    Cue Ball in Hand

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