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The Rules of Stretching
Stretching is a form of physical exercise in which a specific muscle or tendon is deliberately flex
1. Stretch your neck
Incline your head forward, but do not roll your head from side to side-this is dangerous. Instead, stretch your neck to the left, right, forward and back, but always return to center first.Tilt your head with ear toward shoulder, incline your head backward and roll your head from left to right, then right to left in a 30 degree motion.Be sure that while your head is tilted back, you keep your jaw relaxed and even let your mouth fall open just a bit.
2. Stretch your shoulder
Put your arm on your chest.
Grab your forearm with the opposite arm.
Pull your arm until you feel your shoulder being stretched.
Push the arm you are stretching the opposite way in order to contract the muscle if you feel that your chest is stretching instead of your shoulder.
3. Stretch your triceps
Reach up with your right arm.
Bend your right elbow and put your forearm down behind your head and between your shoulder blades.
Reach up and grab your right elbow with your opposite arm.
Pull your elbow toward your head.
4. Stretch your scapulae
Extend your arms in front of you.
Join both hands together and cross fingers.
Push your arms further and try to push your scapulae in opposite directions.
5. Stretch your wrists
Hold your arm out.
Slightly pull back your hand down with your opposite hand.
Repeat with other hand.

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