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The Rules of Stretching
Stretching is a form of physical exercise in which a specific muscle or tendon is deliberately flex. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Do a butterfly stretch
Sit on the floor.
Press the soles of your feet together.
Pull your feet the closest you can.
Put your hands on your ankles to where your elbows are lined up with your knees.
Push against your elbows trying to close your legs. (This contracts your groin muscles to help you get a deeper stretch.)
Push your knees down.

Easy does it
Stretch your neck
Stretch your scapulae
Never stretch before you warm up
Types of stretches
Stretch your lower back
Stretch your quadriceps
Stretch your wrists
Stretch your shoulder
Do a butterfly stretch
Stretch your jaw
Latissimus dorsi
Upper trapezius
Balance your routine
Stretch your calves
Keep it moving

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