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Tips for Bird Watching
Tips for Bird Watching. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Group Birding Ethics
Lead by example and know your audience encourage others to employ ethical birding practices Report bird sightings all data are useful to bird conservation and wherever possible, should be reported to ornithological databases such as the BirdLife Australia database. Impart knowledge share what you know about birds and their habitats Get involved encourage birders to engage local communities and get involved in conservation initiatives at their favourite birding locations Consider the birds always put the health and wellbeing of birds first consider the impact you as an individual and the group are having on birds and their environment

Get a pair of binoculars
Code of conduct
Sound equipment
Group Birding Ethics
Remote birdwatching
Habitat disturbance
Call playback
Respect the Law
Clothing for All Kinds of Weather
Start bird watching in the morning
Identify the bird
Bird Watching Telescope
Rare bird sightings
Find other bird watchers
Portable media players

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