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26. Jathara Parivarthanasana
Revolved Abdomen Pose
Revolved Abdomen Pose (Jathara Parivartanasana) is performed in the supine position and helps stretch the hips and spine while toning the belly. Performing twists are beneficial for the detoxification of the body and decompression of the spine. Performing the pose after a long day at work can help you get rid of emotional fatigue and bring balance to your mind and body. The Sanskrit term for this pose,
Begin in the supine position with your knees bent and your feet kept flat on the ground. You can keep your head on a blanket or pillow to support your neck.
While breathing out, bring your knees to your chest and let your hands wrap around them.
Let your arms extend out along the ground at the height of your shoulders with your palms facing the ground. Make your legs straight so that they come toward the ceiling. Be sure that your back is flat on the ground.
While breathing out bring your legs down to your left and allow your right hip to come off the ground. Allow the gravitational force to pull your legs all the way down. Your left leg should rest on the ground. The outer part of your right ankle should rest on top of your left ankle.
Try to bring your legs and torso to a 90-degree angle. If your legs are angled toward your left shoulder you can hold your left foot
The back gets strengthened along with the spine and all the muscles of the abdomen, especially the obliques.
It eases stiffness and increases flexibility in the shoulders, chest, hips, lower back and spine.
The pose helps in proper digestion.
Blood circulation throughout the bod improves.
The compression of the organs that is caused with this pose releases metabolic waste and toxins. The organs also get fresh oxygenated blood.
There are many benefits to twisting the spine. When the spine twists and stretches not only will the spinal discs be hydrated but it will also realign, relax and lengthen the spine.
Approach this posture cautiously if you have back injuries, back pain, or degenerative disk disease. You should attempt this posture only under the guidance of a knowledgeable and experienced instructor.
Avoid practicing this pose if you have a chronic or recent injury to your hips or knees. Always work within the range of your own abilities and limits.
If you suffer from any medical problems, you should consult your doctor before attempting this pose.
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